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Corte-Clean® is the cost effective single solution for cleaning Composite Decks, Docks & Fences. Say goodbye to mold & mildew stains, black spots, grease & oil, rust & tannins and more. Save time & money with Corte*Clean® without purchasing & using multiple expensive cleaning chemicals. A singel bag of Corte-Clean® generally cleans approximately 300 Sq. Ft. when stains appear & maintains approximately 500 Square Feet. Just say NO to multiple expensive, risky, polluting cleaning chemicals, especially Chlorine Bleach or other scientifically unproven sodium hypochlorite based products for the purpose of cleaning MOLD, which corrode structural metal decking hardware, leading to the #1 issue facing deck owners, expensive replacement. Don't get caught up in "THE CHLORINE BLEACH SCAM", choose Corte-Clean®, which has been proven for over a decade.